McCheater John McCain 2008 Mcliar John McCain Admits Cheating McCain Leaves Wife
McCain Palin 2008 - John McCain lying cheating
John McCain admits to being a lying, cheating, adulterous politician who left his crippled wife for a woman 17 years younger. Unbelievable! A must read for any McCain supporter... more »
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McCain Palin 2008 - John McCain George Bush

McCain Stealing From Charity
Cindy McCain Drug Addiction
Cindy McCain speaks about stealing painkillers from a charity she ran. Charged with fraud and theft of a controlled substance.... more »
The Wife Left Behind

The wife John McCain callously left behind . McCain's true 'moral fiber' is apparent. Read how he left his first wife, a former beauty and a successful swimwear model after she was crippled and disfigured in a terrible car accident. more »

Sara Palin Ok'd Billing Rape Victims

The Boston Herald reports that Gov. Sara Palin, current Vice-President running mate of John McCain, OK'd the practice of billing rape victims for police DNA test kits while she was mayor. more »

USA Today reports Sara Palin's town used to bill victims for rape kits. more »


Sara Palin CBS Interview »


McCain 2008 Spread the Truth

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Sara Palin says rape and incest do not matter. Abortion should be illegal.

In a USA Today report, Cindy McCain disagrees with Gov. Sara Palin and her belief that abortion should be illegal even in the case of rape or incest. John McCain still maintains that he will attempt to overturn Roe vs. Wade should he become President. Women's right advocates (Republicans and Democrats) are strongly opposed to Sara Palin's views and Katie Couric recently spoke with Sara Palin about her anti-abortion stance on CBS. See exclusive video here.more »

John McCain Complete History »

John McCain Anti-Abortion Stance. McCain Seeks To Overturn Your Rights »


This is NOT a pro-Obama website! These are the published FACTS about John McCain. I am offended that this "McCheater" attempts to portray himself as a righteous, moral, honest and truthful "leader". A liar and cheat is no role model for our children. John McCain is a true politician! Spread the truth!!

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